It is our vision to cure local bone defects in diseases with high unmet medical need such as osteoarthritis

It is our mission to develop a portfolio of bone healing therapeutics to improve quality of life for patients

Osteoarthritis: A disease with high unmet medical need

  • Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a leading cause of disability
  • There is no disease modifying osteoarthritis drug available
  • Osteoarthritis is a disease of the whole joint, including subchondral bone, which is of low quality and unable to support the overlying cartilage appropriately

Bone Marrow Lesions: a promising target for treatment of Osteoarthritis

  • One of the primary causes of pain and loss of function in Osteoarthritis are Bone Marrow Lesions (BMLs) in subchondral bone
  • BMLs are caused by impaired bone remodeling resulting in low mineralization and microfractures
  • BMLs occur in 50-85% of patients, and are:
    • Associated with pain
    • Prognostic for cartilage loss
    • Predictive for knee replacement

BT002: first disease modifying osteoarthritis drug

  • Efficacy demonstrated in animal model and bone from human osteoarthritis patients
  • Proven mechanism of action in man
  • Minimally invasive local delivery with no systemic side effects
  • Expansion also into hips, hands, shoulder and lower back pain

Proprietary Microfluidic Emulsification

On a unique small chip with up to 100 identical channels emulsion droplets are continuously produced in a fully controlled, predictable and scalable manner.

BT002: open for partnering

  • First disease modifying osteoarthritis drug resulting in pain relief AND potential to delay/eliminate the need for knee replacement
  • Preclinical Proof of Principle demonstrated & proven mechanism of action in man
  • Stable and scalable technology and process
  • 505(b)(2) / Hybrid IND regulatory route;  faster, cheaper & lower risk path to market
  • Strong IP portfolio covering composition of matter (EU granted) and process patents beyond 2040
  • Blockbuster sales potential
  • Expansion also into hips, hands, shoulder and lower back pain

Experienced Team

  • Co-CEO Science, Co-founder

    Jan Gossen, PhD

    18 years pharma experience at Organon/Schering-Plough/MSD, Amgen. Strong background in bone biology and heading projects up to Phase 2 in clinic. Entrepeneur – CEO and founder Osteo-Pharma. Successfully applied for 2M EUR RVO grant.

  • Co-CEO Finance, Co-founder

    Rene Hansen

    25 yrs pharma and technology industry experience, and has held executive positions in Teva, UCB, Amazon and Philips, both in Europe, USA and Asia. Co-founded 4 different start-ups, lead several scale-ups and funding rounds, created 2 exits. Educational background in IESE Business School & Tech University Delft. Add UCB Amazon.

  • Chief Commercial Officer, Co-founder

    Scott Fleming

    28 years pharma and drug delivery entrepreneur, consultant and executive. Co-founded 5 start-ups & JVs, led financing rounds, clinical trials, license deals and exits. Including specialty pharma MicroDose Therapeutx, sold to Teva for $165M plus royalties.

  • Chief Operations Officer

    Marion Blomenröhr, PhD

    Portfolio, program, alliance and people manager with 18 years of experience in R&D of NCEs, NBEs, generics and biosimilars in different therapeutic areas including bone and pain. Delivered clinical candidates, clinical batches, CTA’s and PoC in human, launched generic products, scouted new opportunities and negotiated access & option agreement

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